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We’re called to love our neighbour as ourselves. There are many gaps and barriers that prevent marginalized people from reaching fulfilment. As a branch of the church, this organization was birthed with the mission to serve and empower marginalized communities.

As we love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, we feel and see the burdens that break people’s hearts around the world. We exist as a resource for the community, to now love our neighbours as ourselves. To do this, we give and serve generously out of the provision God has given to us.



We strive to create a space at the intersection of Christ and Culture, sharing the light of Christ to the world.

Meeting people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to walk with them, do life together and reach new heights.


We don’t just want to pray for people; we want to be the answer to prayers.  As an assembly of the community, we aspire to embody God’s love and provide resources to meet our community’s immediate needs.  We’re believing God to be our source as we become a resource for others. 

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Support Group


We strive to be a resource for our community, meeting people with compassion and grace, not just to pray for them, but to be an answer to prayers. We aim to provide community members with real opportunities and resources to identify and utilize their skills, gifts and passions. We exist to build people up, create spaces for vulnerability and open doors to transformation.



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Christ’s Collective and the Creative Collective is a vision that has been placed on Lovey’s heart since 2019. Inspired by her love for the creative arts and empowered by her experience in project management and working in higher education student engagement, she feels God has called her into this area.


Having experienced and benefited from secular community & leadership programs and Christian church communities, Lovey has set out to build a ministry bridging the two. Tying in concepts of leadership, faith, personal development, forgiveness and generosity, Christ’s Collective was created.


From the heart of a child who just wanted somewhere to belong and found it in Christ, Lovey has stepped out in faith to build this ministry and let God use it. 


To partner with Lovey on this journey, or for inquires, contact Lovey at


Meet The Team


Megan Sibley

Program Facilitator | Content Writer | Editor

Look 2 & 3 - RISE Management (15 of 41).

Lovey Reid

Founder | Facilitator | Content Creation